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Beech Class

Autumn 2022

It has been an amazing term full of investigations in all our curriculum areas. Here are some photos of some of the wonderful things investigated and learned during the term.


We have had a wonderful time deciding if all Vikings were vicious. We have learned about their long boats, weaponry, how they lived and what they wore. During our Viking Day, we had lessons from an expert in how to navigate using the stars, how to fight as Vikings as well as what was included in a Viking funeral. We also learned how many words and ideas the Vikings brought to our country when they settled here as farmers. Our topic was studied across lots of different areas, including writing, reading, DT, Art and even Dance when we re-enacted the invasion of Lindisfarne.


In Science, we have had time to investigate animal habitats in both Forest Schools and during our Science lessons, we dissected owl pellets to find out what owls eat and how you can tell if it is a good habitat from the pellet. During Forest Schools, we looked at different animal habitats as well as different seeds available for food in the woods. In this half of term, we looked at digestion and the best way to brush our teeth by checking with disclosure tablets! Forest Schools also gave us wonderful opportunities to build Viking ships and whittle spears in the woods and there was also a chance to cook marshmallows over a fire.

In RE, we investigated how children of the Hindu religion feel being part of a worldwide faith. We learned about the different symbols of the religion including the lotus flowers, where we made our own which opened in water. 

Our Educational visit this year, was to the Anglo-Saxon Village in West Stow where we learned about the living conditions of the people of Britain during the Viking invasions.
Our Maths lessons involve using our application and reasoning skills. Here are some pictures of our lesson about measuring when we measured  how far our paper planes flew.